groom, rendering

VW Wings

[image][/image] [link]Mill LA[/link] [categorys] Lead 3D | Groom | Lighting & Rendering[/categorys] [text]”For every 100,000 miles a German engineer gets his wings” For VW’s most recent SuperBowl commercial we took on the challenge of adding 3D wings into two shots to sit aside practical wings, sprouting from German engineers. The […]

groom, rendering

Smithwick’s “Squirrel”

[image][/image] [link]Mill London[/link] [categorys]Lighting & Rendering[/categorys] [text]For Smithwick’s Squirrel we embarked on the challenge of creating a fully 3D beer brewing, aging Squirrel! I was responsible for lighting and rendering all of the shots where the squirrel was on the control panel including the close up of the eye. Where […]